Jun 252010

I have a mission, a goal and a strong determination to get to where I want to be before November 8, 2010. I have a novel near completion but needing to be edited. I found an editor who I am eager to work with and have her opinion of my novel. She needs to be paid.

I have a children’s book series I plan to continue before November. A series making it’s readers choose healthier foods and play so they can remain or get in good health. I have two more stories written but the artist wants to get paid.

Investing in yourself is something people rarely do. They find stocks and bonds and toys and gadgets but too few people save their money to bank on their own idea or mission. I am asking the universe to let me join those who have been successful by investing in themselves and believing it will happen, some way and some day soon.

Then I will be able to give back more than I ever imagined possible – because I believed in myself enough to put money on me.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

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