Nov 092009

An unusual novel for me to purchase but one I fell upon by chance and quite enjoyed. The Lovely Bones is written from the perspective of a murdered teenager, barely old enough to experience a school girl crush, and the characters view from heaven, or Sebold’s version of heaven.

The reader follows the murder and the life and death afterwards through Suzie herself and her family. Dealing with such a shocking loss in a small town is something none of us want to consider, live through or ponder as each person has their own way of dealing or ignoring the tragedy. Read how Sebold winds the tale of deceit, acceptance, ignorance, etc with the way everyone treats the value of the families loss.

Some say this only scratches the surface of the tale that could have been and I agree although, like any good book, it left me pondering the situation and the possibilities while not forcing me into Sebold’s views.

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland

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