Apr 012009

Facebook gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people with similar interests and that is how I met Kelly Moran. I tell you this because she has a great website (http://authorkellymoran.blogspot.com/) where she interviews various great authors (like herself and myself) and the opportunity for those who comment on her interviews free books.

Recently I was the winner of a new-to-me authors book called Seeing Red which is by Susan Crandall. The interview reminded me of myself in many ways and so I shared my thoughts like Kelly asks her readers to. Soon I was notified that I won and shortly after received the fictional novel.

To my complete delight this was a marvelous read from right off the top and continues to be until the end. Crandall had me pointing my finger at all the wrong people and loving the character that almost all others hated. With a man convicted of a crime and then set free only to attempt to prove his innocence, the plot twists and romance will keep any readers heart a flutter.

I surely will be passing this on to the other readers in my life and am sure there opinions will be much the same.

Thank you Kelly Moran and Susan Crandall! Keep up the writing.

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  1. glad you liked it!

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