Nov 282008

Exciting news was brought to me by my publisher this week and that is the fact that my books will soon be available through Chapters (the largest Canadian book retailer). I struggled to figure out how to meet all of  their requirements to make my book easily accessible to my fellow Canadians and support a Canadian retailer but with no success.

To discover that my printer has finally made the connection and has met all the qualifications for us is phenomonal. Especially since I just uploaded Brain Tales Volume One for print (release party to be held at Cover to Cover Books in Riverview December 6th, 2008). Not to mention finally getting some publicity through my local newspaper, Times and Transcript. Things are finally developing with my writing career and I can feel the effects.

Now I have to work on my novel to complete the story before my illustrator, Trent Washburn, perfects his cover drawing for it. Stay tuned…

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