Nov 162008

Last year a good friend from high school came in to my life again and brought with him the concept of The Secret aka The Law of Attraction. Immediately I took an interest to finding out what it was all about and watched the movie with my husband. It blew me away before I even realized it’s powers. For the next two or three weeks everything was about The Secret. I saw the book on the shelves, heard of a presentation being offered in my local city and had family and other friends tell me about it. The law of attraction was working.

We’ve since introduced this idea to others and spread the secret. In doing so we’ve only enlightened ourselves even more, watched the movie again with friends and attempt to live it every day. After some struggles I began looking for different ways on how to rejuvenate my belief and therefore my actions in the method and, in doing so, discovered book titled The Law of Attraction In Action.

Studying this book by PH Davis I began trying to understand how to make it work for me. This is the book I was looking for and would recommend to anyone having trouble focusing on what they want.

With this book, the knowledge of the Secret and your dreams you can be who you want to be. I know I want to be a writer, no matter the drawbacks or the struggle, and every day that I write a poem, a part of a story, a blog, etc I come alive and meet a new part of myself. This is who I am and is what I want to do and the Law of Attraction In Action is helping me do that. Even if you don’t know who you are or what will make you happy this book will give you direction and the inspiration and courage to find out.

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