Nov 172022

Choosing being social over writing.
Choosing errands over word count.
Choosing life over imagination.
Choosing to be authentically you even though it hurts like hell.

We are all making choices. So many decisions, big and small daily, that can effect our future even more than our present. Deciding which action to prioritize, which friend to put first and if that friend should be put first only after you. You trump all.

I’m rambling, as I tend to do. Not for word count but partly for avoidance, mainly for truth. Writing without purpose, without a target audience breathing down my neck, writing for the heck of it instead of plans to pitch to a publisher or market to the masses. Writing because it’s easier than it is for me to breath sometimes.
The only thing easier, I’m reminded by friends who truly see me, is complaining. I don’t mean to. I honestly try to always see the good in things, in people, in circumstances and constantly grow from and more of those good things. Meeting with certain friends is life changing, always, because they see me while I am trying to hide.

Choosing to prioritize reality, no matter how bleak or bright it may seem, over imagination and finances and chores is scary as hell, worth all the fuss (or as the J’s say, FUX) and is liberating, best of all.
There is a life lesson in every detour. A challenge in every choice and a friend for every occasion, if you look for them though sometimes it’s not always great to look for them. Ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

What I have been learning through my writing is that I overuse the word but. Even now I’m tempted to give you a reason why and write it something like – but it adds conflict, but it adds diversity, but there’s always a reason.

But…. these lessons are worth every moment. There is joy in everything we do, even in writing this blog and maybe having people read it. In challenging my friends to write a blog I decided to forgo NaNoWriMo for a minute and write one myself. With that internal challenge, so many ideas popped up BUT I decided to just embrace the journey my fingers took me on, proving that the content doesn’t have to be magnificent to be healing and insightful.

What would you blog about if you carved the time to do so?

Be joyous, live your best life and find all the miracles,

Sarah Butland

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