Apr 132016

This story is a great example of how perspective alone changes where we are.

Savanna, a young teenager, has her world turned upside down with a situation that doesn’t directly have anything to do with her but alters her feeling of security. The separation of parents always shakes life up and children often feel responsible, as Savanna did. Instead of taking the time to understand the situation, Savanna blasts through her own path by cheating on a test she felt she had no time to study for and getting into an altercation at school.

After a few days the young girl escaped from the sadness of her emptiness and visited a park she loved to visit with her father. It’s at this park her world does alter completely and she opens herself up to acceptance.

Savanna heard the quiet through all the noise and welcomed her mother in only to be rejected. But with time and patience, worlds can and do change and with the steps of alchemy Eriksen reveals throughout the story, even you can find the peace in the now.

Written in a way that would catch the attention of young adults, Heart Dancing is a worthwhile for adults as well. Whatever you feel you’re struggling with, get up and dance to change your own story.

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Sarah Butland

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