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This month as everyone heads back to school, the leaves start changing colour and the air brings a chill I am bringing you lots of reading material in hopes you’ll find something you love to read. While I am putting forth a huge effort to bring awareness to my own books I understand that everyone wants something different to read. Please show a huge welcome to all my guests by commenting and checking out their books.

Today we welcome C Michelle Ramsey who generously donated a copy of IS THE GRASS REALLY GREENER? for you to enjoy. There’s something somewhere for everyone to read – you just need to know where to find it.

How C Michelle Ramsey Found the Love of Writing and of Her Life at Once

My desire to write emerged from my love of reading, which my mom nurtured in me at an early age. Realizing the imagination could create another world, I began to explore storytelling in my notebooks, crafting my own rules as I went along.

This love affair that I have with writing was hidden from the world, my personal escape mechanism. It kept me entertained for hours on end, and allowed me to find healing. Our love affair (mine and writing) would be uncovered by another love…the man I now know as my husband. To his surprise, he discovered a hidden box of files in 1996, which held my works. The surprise was on me, when I realized he loved them as much as I did, with one problem…none of them had been completed.

From Incomplete to Published

From that moment forward, he was on a mission to persuade me to complete at least one, and I did in 2001…Real Secrets. He then urged me to publish them; I did not want to be judged.
Fast forward to 2011, I finally shared one of my stories with my book club at my husband’s persistence, with one stipulation…the author would not be revealed. Equipping them with the printed manuscripts under the guise that my friend wrote them, their instructions were simple…be brutally honest. The phone calls started pouring in the next day.

They loved the characters and the storyline. They laughed, they cried, they were in shock, and as one lady put it…“from page one, I was thrown from the frying pan into the flames. I usually like to ease into things, but I loved this!” Another shocking reaction, was one member wanted to fight one of the male characters!!!! I was astounded.
Everyone’s mouth dropped to the floor at our next meeting, when I revealed the author…me. I was encouraged at that point to publish my work, and several months later I did…Reflections of Promises, which became available in June 2012, to be followed by Real Secrets (my first completed novel), in December 2012. Now with the release of Is The Grass Really Greener? I don’t want to stop putting them out there.

The Reason for Writing

What my writing has helped me to realize is I want to encourage people. A long time ago, I decided I would be true to my work. I would write about issues that I saw prevalent in the lives around me, on the news, and in everyday society. I would not run from those issues, rather take on a realistic stance to portray to my readers that despite the adversities that will come, we are strong, we are overcomers, we are more powerful than we know. And we can overcome those adversities with faith, and belief in ourselves. My books also stem from dreams that I have, such as the scandal in IS THE GRASS REALLY GREENER? I dreamt about that scandal, which compelled me to write the novel. Because my stories come from my dreams, I circulate things around dreams, such as my blog title Writing My Dreams. These dreams can be night dreams, day dreams, or our dream to achieve goals.

Believe in Yourself

I want people to believe in the power of pursuing their dreams; don’t allow anyone to discourage you. Whether you dream of being a singer/dancer/actor, or working for NASA, if you desire to be a painter, or the most accomplished underwater basket weaver, go after your dreams with all that is within you. You can do it, you can make it, you just have to dream it, and believe it!

Twitter: CMichelleRamsey
Pinterest: authorcmramsey

Hop on over to her website to read the first three chapters of IS THE GRASS REALLY GREENER?. Widgets

Thanks so much for joining us today, C Michelle Ramsey and for all of you readers living or finding your dream!,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for having me on your blog today. I am excited about giving away a copy of my new novel, a story of five best friends who seemingly have it all together, but when life changing events and temptation comes knocking, they must decide if they will hold on to who they are, or give in to the pressure and change their lives forever. I cannot wait to see who will win a free copy of the book, “IS THE GRASS REALLY GREENER?”

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