Jan 202012

Like Sidney Crosby to hockey, Stephen King to best selling books and James Cameron to incredible movies, most of us have a passion for something but it’s not enough to find it, a lot of us have to live it. And if we’re told we can’t due to a concussion, disability, etc it can be painful, debilitating or a challenge we’re born to overcome.

And even though you may have already gotten monetarily rich from doing what you love it doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying life by doing what you want.

Commitment is key to achieving both happiness and greatness once you find your passion and the meaning of your existence and here are five ways I think you can confirm you’re determined enough to give it all you have.

  1. You make time, not excuses.
  2. You do at least one activity daily that involves your passion.
  3. It’s all you think about and still doesn’t drive you nuts.
  4. You soon find yourself befriending more people with similar aspirations who are doing something with them.
  5. Although you control when and how you take advantage of living your dream, the dream still controls you.

So I ask you – do you know what you were born to do, are you doing it and how committed are you?

If you’re not doing it now – stop reading and get back at it! Actually, just one more thing…

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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