Jan 022012

Facebook has been an amazing way for me to meet and learn from new authors. Most recently, I connected with Terry Odell and am so very grateful for the opportunity.

2012 is my year for writing and making a name for myself so I’m honoured to start it off with my review of Terry Odell’s mystery novel – Deadly Secrets (Mapleton Mystery).

Her first “true” mystery after many well-received romance novels, Deadly Secrets (Mapleton Mystery) tells the story of several characters in a beautiful way that doesn’t have the reader confused. Switching from Megan’s vacation and return home to Chief Gordon’s search for the criminal and then his feelings for Angie, Justin’s story is the one I actually connected with most. Mixed with all of them was Oma and Opa and their sordid past that they never discussed.

My connection to Deadly Secrets (Mapleton Mystery) first came with the introduction of Oma and Opa as I have grandparents from Holland who went by that. Although this Oma and Opa came to America from Germany their stories were interesting, offering the same comfort as my own grandparents.

But Justin went through some life changes, struggled with expectations and being the outcast but came out on top, or so it seems. His story of overcoming personal grievances and being accepted for what he had to offer made me root for him and his innocence but you’ll have to read it yourself to know who he actually turned out to be.

A must read for any mystery fan!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

PS: Stay tuned for my interview with Terry in the coming weeks!

  3 Responses to “Deadly Secrets by Terry Odell”

  1. Thanks so much, Sarah. I’m delighted you liked Deadly Secrets. Since it’s my first non-romantic suspense novel, it means a lot to know it resonated with you. And since for me, it’s ALL about the characters, I’m thrilled to know that’s what struck home with you.


  2. Grats, Terry. Sounds awesome. Hi Sarah! xo

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