Feb 272011

I was recently awarded the 7 Facts Reward by Authors Promoting Authors. First I would like to thank my family for without you I wouldn’t be me. And then there’s Authors Promoting Authors, of course, as without you the award wouldn’t have been passed on to me and then I can’t forget … YOU!

Ok, ok, so I don’t need an acceptance speech for this type of award. I just need to get on with completing the task at hand which is to divulge 7 facts about yourself and pass it on to 7 other blogging friends. So… here it goes:

  1. I am afraid of deep water. I can swim, I know the technicalities of swimming, can hold my breath for a long time, love to be under water and will choose to go swimming before laying on the sand any day of the week but when I get to the deep stuff I panic. I think this is the result of almost drowning by trying to be as capable and brave as my older sister and friends when I was young as I almost drowned but I never saw a therapist to confirm or deny this. I hide this aspect of me well, right up until you get me swimming in the deep end and then you’ll notice I’m just no good at it.
  2. I love slow-cookers. It seems they make everything delicious even when you’re experimenting with different sauces and meats. And they make the house smell awesome, save time and the hassle of looking for a recipe as I just make it up each time. The trouble being I can never seem to make the same thing twice.
  3. I started with writing pretty lame poetry that I wished would catch the eye of one particular boy or another.  Some were about cats, others about love/ lust and a few short attempts at masterpieces consisted of just two words, one of which being the title. Let’s just say… my husband didn’t marry me for my poetry.
  4. I’ve only ever fractured a bone, and sprained my arm; never experienced a full break. Although some say a fracture is more painful I have nothing to compare it to but it frigging hurt! I was curling and, having a bad experience with my head hitting the ice, I tripped over my own rock and, in slow motion, put my hand out to catch myself. I, for whatever reason, refused to let go of my broom to give me an extra hand and hit the ice with only one palm, sending my forearm up to my upper arm very quickly. I finished the game, which we won, and went home, thinking it was just sore… after it being excruciating for a couple hours I made my way to the hospital. Fracture it was and pain medication I finally took!
  5. I’m learning I cannot handle rejection well, especially when I believe and trust in the LOA, using it’s best practices and believing in myself so strongly. Some days I wonder why I write while most I just know I have to.
  6. I love a white Christmas and an early Spring. Unfortunately in the Maritimes this isn’t typically a reality and yet I wouldn’t give up living here (Maritimes) for anything.
  7. Some day soon my family will live in a house made of straw on acres of land near a warm beach. If you know of any thing like this for sale in the Maritimes please contact me :).

Now to choose 7 author’s to do this. I’ll choose…

Kelly Moran, of course.

John Keller

Beth Fehlbaum

Eileen Schuh

Jan Markley

Helene Boudreau

Rita Schiano

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “Authors Promoting Authors is Promoting Me :)”

  1. …as you know, i can’t “blog” this as my blog is only for reviews, interviews, and book news. I just don’t have time for a personal one. but i love ya, so here you go…

    i’m a virgo–stubborn and organized. i remain in pj’s most of the day. pb and pickles is my fav sandwich. i’m not a romantic but love romantic comedies and write romance books. i hate being around a lot of people. i despise reality tv. and i think lady gaga and katy perry are talentless.


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