Jan 012011

What do you get when three best selling authors get together for one book? Erica Spindler, J.T. Ellison and Alex Kava proved you get genius in several ways with SLICES OF NIGHT
– available only through ebook.

The story line was seamless – one killer, many victims, and a touch of romance in each tale. While each author wrote 1/3 of the message seemed clear throughout – catch the killer before he killed too many more innocent people. The story and message were great despite the simplicity and few errors that existed throughout the novel, which only worked to prove to me that even best selling authors make mistakes. It also helped rebuild my confidence as a writer in that every story needs to be told and even the most simple word combinations can create a beautiful tale.

Immersed with hope, sadness, confidence and relief SLICES OF NIGHT is proving to be a great combination of emotion, authors and characters and will only prove to grow each author’s fanbase.

I’m so grateful that Deb Carlin planted the seed, supported these authors and created this book to be what it is today as it made for a quick read, refreshed my love for Erica Spindler and introduced me to the writings of J.T. Ellison and Alex Kava!

A must read! And, if any of you ladies are reading this – I’ll be more than happy to add a 1/4 to your next collaboration! 😉

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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