Aug 132009

August 19th, 2009 kicks off an amazing event to support the spread of literacy in Moncton and sees some amazing people participating. From dare-devil skydivers to the amazing Sheree Fitch, all this event needs is you to make it the most amazing year yet!

Support this great cause by seeing Shelagh Rogers at the Capitol Theatre or having your children participate in the Family Festival for Literacy.

Much can be said about Peter Gzowski and his goal to raise $1 Million for the cause of literacy with the PGI Moncton and National Golf Tournament as now his tournament has given him 10 times that satisfaction and continues to grow. You can do your part every day, all year round by sharing your efforts with your community.

If you’re not around for PGI Moncton, go to the ABC Canada Literacy site for information of events within your community!

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