Jun 222009

My intentions were simple ones –

to enjoy the warmth, to take in my innocence,

to get out of my boring routine.

Never realized what I was in for.

Thought to myself ‘wish he was here.

Wish I could tell him how much I cared.’

It was all taken away before I could see

what kind of opportunity lay before me.

I told them no, not afraid to say it,

but they insisted and I was forced to go.

Went too quietly, without thinking the worst,

was brought to a stranger’s house

and shown the worst.

The scenes upset me, I called a cab.

I knew they would laugh but refused to care.

And now I sit alone and wait

for things to come and wisdom to take

its place in my mind.

I now return to my routine,

safe and predictable, forgiving and cheap.

Sarah Butland © 2007-2009

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